Read what our team has to say about innovation and specific ways you can utilize it to grow your business.

2022 Business Outlook

Predictions for the New Year The pandemic has shifted industries all over the globe. One such industry experiencing rapid growth is the drone industry for last-mile delivery.  For example, Forbes ran an article showing how drones can use lidar and radar detection to find safe spots to land in their attempt to deliver residents of

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5 Critical Steps For a Culture of Innovation

So you want to build a culture of innovation. It can be a long road to get the organizational culture you’re after, but the destination is worth it. I’ve got five steps to help you build a culture of innovation in your organization. Avoid Innovation Theater Innovation theater is when top-level leaders decide to implement

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The Strategy of Virtual Meetings

Virtual Meetings are by no means a new way to communicate. Zoom (ZM) was founded in 2011, years before COVID worked its way around the Globe. Other platforms such as Google Meet, Skype, and Microsoft Teams had also been around for many years before the shift from in-person to virtual meetings.  While these services may

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Little Hinges

Much of the innovation we see in the spotlight is what we would call disruptive innovation. This innovation is so cataclysmically exciting that people all around the world know the company’s CEO by name.  In my search for the next blog post, I came across a quote by W. Clement Stone—  “Big doors swing on

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Insignificant Many vs. The Vital Few

In today’s changing climate of uncertainty, organizations all around the globe are forced to find new ways to achieve sustained strategic growth. As organizations seek to solve recently-developed problems, they often overlook the critical growth metrics that need to be tracked. The widely ascribed Father of Management Peter Drucker said, “If you can’t measure it,

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Human-Centered Design

Bias. This word has grown in popularity over the years, resulting in people all around the country attempting to shift their perspectives. However, this change of view can be hard to accomplish when designing solutions to problems within our organizations. When we create a solution, we build around our preconceived bias about what the user

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