Insignificant Many vs. The Vital Few

In today’s changing climate of uncertainty, organizations all around the globe are forced to find new ways to achieve sustained strategic growth. As organizations seek to solve recently-developed problems, they often overlook the critical growth metrics that need to be tracked.

The widely ascribed Father of Management Peter Drucker said, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” 

In my experience, while the needed metrics will differ for each organization, there are only a few that are important for long-term sustained growth. At Innovation Junkie, we call it the insignificant many versus the vital few

There are organizations out there that will track every metric under the sun. While each of those metrics may have their place in their respective departments, they could also be noise to executive leaders looking for answers. 

When deciding what metrics to track as it pertains to sustained strategic growth, it is vital to define what gives fuel to the economic engine of the organization then work to track to that effect.