It’s time TO RE-INVENT YOUR company’s GROWTH PLAN.

Your organization is looking for the right kind of growth.

This growth doesn’t happen overnight. It requires a growth plan that is intentional and forward-thinking. This plan isn’t for short-term success that only leaves you scrambling to find the next best thing. Instead, you can expect a sustainable model that leads to business success for years to come.

This type of sustained strategic growth is built on two pillars: Leadership Effectiveness and Organizational Effectiveness.

Leadership Effectiveness

When the leadership teams are most effective, they have clarity of direction, focused and consistent action, and are supported by a proven framework for execution.

Organizational Effectiveness

This involves replicating this framework for execution across the organization. It requires strong leadership, clarity of direction, accountability to pre-defined outcomes, effective communication, and measurement.

These two pillars form the foundation required to support the type of transformational growth that’s possible through the Innovation Junkie solution. There are three key steps that lead to true organizational transformation.


Get Hyper-Focused On The Innovations That Will Disrupt The Status Quo And Ignite Change

Specific organizations have specific needs when it comes to innovation, but one thing is constant: innovation is an organizational imperative. It is critical to spend time questioning the status quo and looking for ways to create massive value in your business. Failing to innovate creates a stagnant company that is destined to collapse in due time. At the end of the day, Leadership and Innovation are inseparable.

Leadership Innovation Roundtable

Our team collaborates with you to look at the specific needs and goals in your organization. We then develop a customized innovation plan that will drive results for years to come.

Innovation Sprint

This experiential exercise puts members of your team smack dab in the middle of the innovation process. This Sprint will help your team identify the ”game-changers” required to create massive value for your key stakeholders, helping launch the process for organizational transformation

Everything we learn from the Innovation Sprint is detailed in an Executive Debrief with our customized next-step recommendations.


The Simple Formula For Success That Will Change Your Business Forever

Many organizations are finding their tired strategic growth planning efforts from years past to be largely ineffective. The truth is, most strategic planning sessions are set up to fail by design. The Innovation Junkie approach to accelerated growth is like none other.

Full 3-5 Year Strategic Growth Plan

Get broad input on your growth in a comprehensive strategic growth plan. We will help you develop strategies to grow your people, your clients, and your capabilities.

Strategic Growth Plan Communication Roadmap

See the complete path to sustained growth including key objectives, specific initiatives and key performance indicators. This keeps you on track and helps you know precisely what steps you need to take in which order.

Like every other strategic growth plan, it will only work if you put it into practice. We will continue to support you through the first month as you begin to implement your new plan to ensure a smooth transition.


Put Your Plan In Motion To Create An Unstoppable Force That Will Produce Dividends

When the rush of developing your new strategic growth plan wanes, the real work begins. After all, it takes consistency and dedication to properly execute a plan on this level. In our experience, organizations often lose focus a few months in to the execution phase due to various distractions that arise. That’s where the Innovation Junkie team can shine as critical processes are put in place to ensure the proper engagement and success of your plan.

Workstream Creation, Launch & Cadence Development

See your strategic growth plan function as specific processes are developed to support your new initiatives. We will also establish the critical timing and launch procedures to effectively engage your organization.

12-Month Execution Support

Go beyond the first month of rolling out your new strategic growth plan. We offer a full year of ongoing follow-up to practically guarantee a successful implementation.

The first year is absolutely critical to the success of your strategic growth plan. We will have bi-monthly executive check-ins and four quarterly execution reviews to stay on track. If you want to leave nothing to chance, this is by far the best way to put your organization on the path to sustained strategic growth.

Start where you are and see what opportunities lie ahead.

Our solutions have been tested and refined in multiple engagements with organizations just like yours. To give you an idea of how we can create real change in your organization, we’re offering a private coaching call. This is focused solely on finding key action items you can implement right away for quick wins.

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