2022 Business Outlook

Predictions for the New Year

The pandemic has shifted industries all over the globe. One such industry experiencing rapid growth is the drone industry for last-mile delivery. 

For example, Forbes ran an article showing how drones can use lidar and radar detection to find safe spots to land in their attempt to deliver residents of Galway Ireland’s morning coffee. Here in our backyard, we see Walmart moving to drone delivery with DroneUp. Those companies who have the infrastructure in place will begin to see a significant increase in drones and unmanned aircraft systems. 

Another innovation that we believe will continue to proliferate throughout 2022 will be mRNA technology and its impact on illnesses outside of COVID. In this new approach to treating diseases, mRNA acts as an instruction list for the cell to which it is attached. As a result, this medicine delivery method will only grow the list of treatable conditions with mRNA technology. 

Web3.0, in combination with 5G, will bring with it many innovations that today may seem more distant but will soon become mainstream in our daily lives. Web3.0 will allow for geospatial interlaying, making our natural world both a mix of virtual and reality with AR glasses. Web3.0 will open new markets ripe for capitalization. 

One of the most significant challenges companies will continue to face is the war on talent. Customer expectations have been steadily rising over the past ten years, with COVID dramatically accelerating expectations in the digital world. As customer expectations continue to increase, so will talent expectations. Mark Curtis, Head of Innovation at Accenture Interactive, had this to say about the issue, 

“As a new era of post-pandemic thinking begins, we are experiencing a collective shift in relationships. Businesses are expected to address how people relate to work, consumerism, old and new places – like the metaverse, the planet, and each other—simultaneously to ensure growth and relevance for now and the future. Brands that don’t embrace these societal shifts in the experiences that they offer will become irrelevant in 2022” (Forbes).
To hear more about our predictions for the year, I invite you to listen to an 8-minute podcast where the Jeffs dive into their 2022 business outlook.