Why Your Growth Plan
Is Missing The Mark

(And How You Can Fix It)

COVID Wreaked Havoc On Many Businesses

The problem is that most strategic growth plans have been rendered virtually useless due to the impact of COVID and the resulting economic climate. As a result, many leaders and their organizations are pulling back, hunkering down, and hoping the storm will soon pass.  If they knew what actions would produce the greatest return, they’d step forward.  But they simply can’t waste time, effort or money making the wrong decisions.


of business closures as a result of the pandemic are now permanent.

We are working with a number of leaders today who ARE innovating, who are growing and thriving and who are boldly conquering new territory... and it’s paying off for all of them.

Our team at Innovation Junkie has developed GrowthDX, a comprehensive strategic growth diagnostic that helps you benchmark your company and your leadership team against a set of best practices across the areas of:

Our GrowthDX will not only help you identify the specific ailments that are silently plaguing your business but will also lay out the path to success, along with estimating the revenue and profit improvements that are locked up inside your business today.


The Innovation Junkie GrowthDX Process

Our team will analyze the information your team provides, collect additional benchmark information from other companies in your industry and provide you with a detailed “heat map,” identifying critical focus areas for your business.

In addition, we’ll produce an ROI Analysis that details the financial returns that are currently locked up in your business and identify ways to release those financial returns with just a few critical actions

Finally, we’ll clearly outline a set of “next steps” to help you get a jump start on making those improvements and unlocking those hidden profits now!

Our GrowthDX will help you build sustainable and strategic growth momentum in your business.

Who doesn’t want the opportunity to pick the brains of a team of experts who have spent their lives helping companies grow?  Schedule a completely free (no strings attached) Strategy Call now and walk away with tangible actions you can take now to improve your business.  It’s a no-lose proposition.

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