Why Your Growth Plan Is Missing
The Mark

(And How You Can Fix It)

Industry and Regulatory Changes Are a Breeding Ground for Uncertainty

The landscape of the tech industry is transforming at breakneck speed, leaving once-solid growth plans hanging by a thread in the face of relentless industry and regulatory changes. Uncertainty looms large, casting a shadow over every decision and prompting a cautious approach where progress once thrived. But inaction is not an option. As you navigate through these turbulent waters, the stakes are higher than ever before.

We are working with a number of TECHNOLOGY leaders today who ARE innovating, who are growing and thriving and who are boldly conquering new territory . . . and it’s paying off for all of them.

Our team at Innovation Junkie has developed GrowthDX, a comprehensive strategic growth diagnostic that helps you benchmark your company and your leadership team against a set of best practices across the areas of:

Our GrowthDX will not only help you identify the specific ailments that are silently plaguing your business but will also lay out the path to success, along with estimating the revenue and profit improvements that are locked up inside your business today.

Here's what to expect during our Strategic Growth Diagnostic

Our team will analyze the information your team provides, collect additional benchmark information from other companies in your industry and provide you with a detailed “heat map,” identifying critical focus areas for your business.

In addition, we’ll produce an ROI Analysis that details the financial returns that are currently locked up in your business and identify ways to release those financial returns with just a few critical actions

Finally, we’ll clearly outline a set of “next steps” to help you get a jump start on making those improvements and unlocking those hidden profits now!

Our Strategic Growth Diagnostic will help you build sustainable and strategic growth momentum in your business

Who doesn’t want the opportunity to pick the brains of a team of experts who have spent their lives helping companies grow?  Schedule a completely free (no strings attached) Strategy Call now and walk away with tangible actions you can take now to improve your business.  It’s a no-lose proposition.


We have over 75 years of experience


Dr. Jeff D. Standridge helps organizations and their leaders generate sustained results in the areas of innovation, strategy, profit growth, organizational effectiveness and leadership.

Formerly a Vice President for Acxiom Corporation, he has led established and startup businesses in North & South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Jeff serves as Managing Director for the Conductor, Co-founder of Cadron Capital Partners, and teaches Entrepreneurial Finance & Innovation Leadership in the College of Business at the University of Central Arkansas.

Dr. Standridge has been an invited speaker, trainer, and consultant for numerous companies, institutions, and organizations across five continents. He is also a two-time best-selling author of “The Innovator’s Field Guide: Accelerators for Entrepreneurs, Innovators & Change Agents” and “The Top Performer’s Field Guide: Catalysts for Leaders, Innovators & All Who Aspire to Be.”

Prior to his business career, Jeff spent more than a decade in healthcare, serving as an Assistant Professor at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and as a member of the Angel Flight Helicopter Transport Team at Arkansas Children’s Hospital. He is also retired from the U.S. Army – Arkansas Army National Guard. Jeff holds the Doctor of Education with special work in Leadership & Organizational Development, as well as a Master of Education with special work in Human Resource Development.


Jeff is the Founder and Managing Director of Startup Junkie Consulting. Jeff is one of the key leaders nationally involved with the creation of lasting venture ecosystems. Jeff has held senior leadership positions in nine startups and three Fortune 500 companies, and he has made more than 90+ angel investments into new ventures and small businesses either directly or through the funds he manages. Jeff now leads Startup Junkie Consulting, Cadron Capital Partners, and the Tonic Regional Funds. Jeff served as Associate Vice Provost, Research and Economic Development, and Director of Technology Ventures at the University of Arkansas until leaving to pursue Startup Junkie Consulting full-time in January 2015. His work at the University of Arkansas canvassed every aspect of the commercialization of life science, biotech, medical devices, healthcare information technology, pharma, and other areas of scientific and technical innovation. Jeff is a recognized expert in lean startup methodology and customer development processes.

In addition, Jeff is an adjunct professor and teaches entrepreneurship at the Sam M. Walton College of Business at University of Arkansas. From 2008-2017, Jeff was a retained advisor for Innovate Arkansas, a Winrock International program chartered with the creation and support of a knowledge-based economy in Arkansas and has accounted for $300+ million in public and private financing for Arkansas-based small businesses. Jeff serves on multiple for-profit and non-profit boards for organizations such as Phigenics, Ozark IC, OsteoAdvantage, AR Health Ventures, Arkansas Capital Corporation, and SLS Communities.

Prior to all of this, Jeff served six years as United States Air Force Officer, working in the Strategic Air Command as a missile launch officer and later in research and development acquisition. Jeff graduated from United States Naval Academy in 1984 and holds a Master of Science in Operations Management from the University of Arkansas. He is a certified Project Management Institute Project Management Professional (PMP).

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